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The War of Art - Book 1/52 (2020) - 2020/01/07

Attempting to read a book a week, started with a shortish one on Audible.

Book link: The War of Art - Steven Pressfield.

Finished just before midnight of the end of week 1, an interesting read.

Main notes:

  • Resistance is the enemy.
  • Resistance feeds on fear.
  • Don’t cast yourself as a victim.
  • During unhappiness, is when vices and self destructive tendencies like to kick in.
  • Show up everyday, no matter what.
  • Don’t over identify with your job. You’ll become overly invested in its success and terrified of its failure.
  • We fear that we will fail, and fear that we will succeed.
  • If you were the last person on earth would you still do what you’re doing? Or is the reason you’re doing it (in whole or in part) to seek the good opinion of others?
  • Do work for its own sake, not for fortune, attention or applause.
  • Do it or don’t