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Web Developer in London, UK.

‘Perfect’ Post

I have always wanted to blog, and I wrote a few posts in the past, but never had any where to put them.

Over the years I’ve toyed with things like Wordpress & Jekyll, I even hand wrote entire posts in HTML at one point — an attempt to be as semantic as possible with a single stylesheet include. Each time I’d get stuck on having the perfect theme, font, colours, heading & directory structure, sometimes I even wasted hours ensuring the generated source had correct indentation and line-breaks.

It would always get to a working stage, something that I could put live, but there was always some reason to keep working on it, something to perfect. Eventually I would come to resent and abandon it. This happened again and again, and only a single post or two would be written each time — consisting of Lorem ipsum and maybe a stock image.

Unfortunately, this story can be applied to many of my other personal projects. Only recently have I started coming to terms with the fact that perfect isn’t real, and that I’ve wasted a lot of time over details that no one will ever see or care about. Details that I will also eventually forget and no longer care about.

Thankfully I’ve been writing a lot more recently, stuff that isn’t latin gibberish. For that achievement I owe a mention to Markdown — there’s pretty much no formatting or syntax for me to get hung up on, so I end up writing something meaningful.

So this is it, my first real post — hosted on Medium.com where I have almost no control over anything. For me, ‘perfect’.

Update a couple of years later: No longer on Medium as I decided I prefer to self host where possible. The rest of the post still rings mostly true.